Ignite the Love of the Game with Greeley Recreation Seasonal Sports

Are you ready to spark a passion for sports and make unforgettable memories? Discover Greeley Recreation’s seasonal sports programs. Designed for both adults and youth, seasonal sports offer a wide range of offerings. Whether you're an experienced athlete or just beginning, there's a sport that will fuel your passion.

Youth Sports: A New Adventure

Introduce your newest athlete to the joy of sportsmanship and teamwork with our youth sports programs. From soccer and baseball to flag football and basketball, Greeley Recreation offers a variety of options each season. The aim is to create lasting memories and instill a lifelong love for an active lifestyle in our youth. Greeley Recreation accomplishes this through its sports philosophy: attempt, belonging, competition, development, and enjoyment.

Whether you sign your athlete up for a league, clinic, or camp, the seasonal sports program has an offering that will fit your needs.

Adult Sports: Find Your Passion

The seasonal sports adult leagues and clinics aren't just about competition – they're about enjoying the game. Greeley Recreation’s adult offerings range seasonally from inline hockey and basketball to softball and pickleball. Join a team to fuel your love for sports and make new friends along the way.

More Than Just Sports

Greeley Recreation goes beyond sports, creating experiences that will stay with you forever. The seasonal sports programs are designed to not only improve your physical fitness but also to help you feel like a part of the Greeley community. You'll make new friends, connect with fellow sports enthusiasts, and be part of a supportive network.

If you’re looking for a way to volunteer, talk with the seasonal sports team about volunteering as a coach.

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Ready to ignite the love of the game with Greeley Recreation? It's easy to get started.

Visit, explore the available programs, and register today. Whether you're seeking friendly competition or a fun activity for your kids, Greeley Recreation's seasonal sports programs are your ticket to sportsmanship and fun.