Greeley is a place where there is, quite literally, something for everyone. So we figured it was time to feature some of the things that make Greeley, well…Greeley. Share stories of real people who call this place home. Shine a light on the opportunities, cultures, and character of a truly unique community. And reveal how so many of us have found Greeley to be the perfect place to live, work, and play.

Greeley is known for working together to develop and implement new ideas that keep our community moving forward. We would like to celebrate our community’s resourcefulness and innovation in 2021. Our community is full of inventors, makers, doers, thinkers, movers, and shakers. We are a community that fosters ideas. Join us as we continue to learn more about our wonderful city through the stories our community continues to share.

What’s Your Greeley?


linn grove honoring and remembering



Share Your Story, Get Free Stuff

It really is that simple. This year, we’re looking for firsthand accounts of learning experiences or activities right here in Greeley. Nothing particularly unusual or out of the ordinary – just something that maybe expanded your horizons a little, or that had a meaningful impact on you or someone you know.

And who knows? Maybe your Greeley will be shared on and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a Bluetooth speaker for your sweet, sweet beats.


10 Ways to Enjoy Park and Recreation Month this July

10 Ways to Enjoy Park and Recreation Month this July

We encourage you to get out there and share your parks and recreation experience to celebrate this national Park and Recreation Month. So get out there and enjoy our parks, trails, and recreational areas! My Greeley has come up with ten ways for you to celebrate parks and recreation all month long.