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Greeley, Colorado, is a city of diversity and innovation, both in who we are and how we think. Instinctively leading, rarely following. There’s a culture here around creating opportunity and challenging expectations, one that shines through everything from a vibrant arts and music scene to a growing downtown area, bustling with authentic local restaurants, boutique shops and award-winning microbreweries. We’re a city of ideas, a touch of the unexpected, and a story that’s even better lived in than told.

Artist singing during Greeley Blues Jam


Learn more about unique experiences within the Greeley, Colorado, community and dig into the city’s essential charm. Read and watch the latest community news straight from the source.

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Dancers on stage at Union Colony Civic Center during a performance

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There’s something for everyone here; a quick perusal of a Greeley events calendar will reveal a steady array of community and recreational events – some fun things to do in Greeley that are geared for family, while other events promising a memorable night on the town.


Dancers during multicultural festival in Greeley wearing traditional Mexican dresses

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My Greeley is an outlet for residents, students and visitors of Greeley, Colorado, to share ideas, personal experiences, upcoming events, outlooks or observations about any and all things related to our community. Our hope is for you to share your My Greeley story.


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