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Our communications team serves as a resource for press materials, research, access to activities and attractions, and general information throughout Greeley. If you want to become a Greeley influencer, travel writer, or blogger, please share your story and experiences with us.

Greeley Lookbook and Overview

Greeley, Colorado Lookbook

Have you wondered what life is like in Greeley, Colorado? Or wanted to know more about things to do in Greeley? Our Greeley Lookbook rounds up all the details about our community, like events and things to do, places to see, and people to know.

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The circular, white columned City Hall in Greeley, Colorado, on a sunny fall day.

City of Greeley News

It is the Greeley City Council’s vision to ensure Greeley will be a future-focused city, one that is intentionally developed, safe, affordable, innovative, sustainable, healthy, and inclusive. Follow the latest news and updates from the City of Greeley Government departments making that vision a reality.

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Greeley Rising

Greeley, Colorado, has something for everyone, with rich cultural diversity, a variety of housing options, low tax rates, excellent educational opportunities, and a top-notch workforce. This vibrant community is home to steady growth, great schools and neighborhoods, and an array of shopping and dining choices. The Economic Development team offers all the latest news from our evolving community.

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