a story best lived in.

My Greeley is an initiative created to further the sense of civic pride that Greeley, Colorado residents have for their beloved city. Greeley is many things to many different people; however, what is most interesting about the City of Greeley to any resident or visitor is as unique as that individual itself. Hence, we created My Greeley as a community page, a meeting place where people can come to not only learn more about Greeley, CO, but also contribute their own voice and insight into helping define what makes Greeley so quintessentially Greeley.

One common thread that has emerged time and time again is that Greeley is a city of ideas. A place where anyone from anywhere can plot their own pathway to success. There’s a restless spirit of innovation here, palpable enough to pick up on with a simple walk through Greeley’s streets. It touches virtually every aspect of life here, from education, agriculture and enterprise to micro-brewing and honey production. My Greeley always offers a touch of the unexpected, because, frankly, we don’t know any other way.

Share your Greeley Experience and Story

We’re looking for stories that share exciting experiences and create social media content that showcases Greeley at its best. Whether your a resident or a visitor, we want to about your experience. You can share your story through our virtual video booth or submit a quick form. Tell us what you’ve been up to and Greeley is a story best lived in!


Image of a brightly colored outdoor mural in downtown Greeley, Colorado that reads HOME


Greeley, Colorado is a place to experience culture, food and brews, art, music, recreation, and so much more! This Northern Colorado central location offers so many things to do. Explore Greeley a bit more and find out why it is a story best lived in.

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