Greeley City manager Roy Otto took a few minutes in his latest episode of ‘You Otto Know’ to talk about some exciting things happening with the myGreeley campaign in 2021. This year myGreeley is celebrating innovation! Check out the video, or read the transcript below. (And don’t forget to submit your stories of innovation here in Greeley.)

Video Transcription:


Hi, it’s Roy Otto, Greeley City Manager, and here’s another episode of You Otto Know. And what you “ought to” know something about is that the myGreeley campaign in 2021 will be on the subject of innovation.


Hey, how are you I was just working on a project here thinking about innovation and I think about how humankind has been so innovative over the years. So, one of my favorite inventions is sliced bread, but like so many, I love mine with butter pats. Which is another incredible invention. Hey, when man was in the dark they invented the light bulb and now look at this big flashlight I have at my desk. That’s a pretty cool invention as well. Shoot, a computer! Just working on a computer, that’s pretty cool. And the internet, now I can search all kinds of cool things. I can just go all around the world sitting at my desk, that’s pretty cool. Then I think about 2020, wow. And the invention of the mask. Oh, how we love the mask. Maybe. Not so much.


So, in 2021 let’s celebrate your innovations in Greeley, Colorado with the myGreeley campaign. So what is innovation? It says here that it’s a new idea, a method, or device.  Hmm… Hey, you know something? I think innovation is a lot more than just something new. I think it’s about making things better and I think about Greeley’s history and I think about how we’ve made things better by utilizing water from irrigation ditches to make the desert bloom. And now we’re one of the most productive agricultural counties in the entire country.


I think about in 2020, with COVID, and you’re a school superintendent, and how do we train our kids, teach our kids? You become innovative and you learn how to do remote learning. Thank you Deirdre. Hey, I’m pretty darn proud of our City of Greeley employees as well. Just think about those in Greeley Evans Transit. We’ve transitioned our bus fleet from gasoline to compressed natural gas. I think that’s pretty innovative.


How do we power our wastewater treatment plants? We’ve established solar arrays at all of those facilities to help us be more economic and also friendlier to the environment. That’s pretty innovative. And now one of the most innovative projects I’ve ever been involved in in my entire life, the Terry Ranch water storage project. Not only will we be able to store up to 1.2 million acre-feet of water underground, but also utilize the 1.2 million acre-feet of water that’s already under the ground to help Greeley prosper in the future. That’s innovation!


So, innovation is everywhere and that’s what the myGreeley campaign is going to be all about in 2021. Go to this website, become a part of sharing your stories of innovation, so we can share them. We’re a real innovative community and I’m proud of that. I want to share it with all of our residents and also our neighbors.