What’s the News on Brews in Greeley?

Greeley’s craft beer scene is, in a word, hoppin’. And people have taken notice, locally and nationally, with Greeley’s breweries. But as history buffs will tell you, Greeley was founded on the principle of temperance, a social movement barring the consumption of alcohol. Greeley’s ban on alcohol began 50 years prior to prohibition in 1870 and was only lifted a little more than 50 years ago in 1969. Additionally, Colorado just ended its restriction on beer sales in grocery stores in 2019. 

With Greeley’s intriguing history it’s amazing that the region has exploded into the “Napa Valley of craft beer”. Craft breweries are thriving in Greeley in part due to their creativity in flavors and variety in offerings. Add in the region’s pure water quality and a healthy dose of entrepreneurial spirit and you’ll soon see how innovation has influenced Greeley to have some of the best breweries in the country on nearly every corner.

Greeley embraces its craft breweries and businesses. The University of Northern Colorado even offers a Brewing Laboratory Science program with hands-on experience in its microbrewery located on campus. The robust program focused on quality control and assurance also offers internships at local and regional breweries as well as study abroad opportunities.

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