The Surprising Benefits of Volunteering

Greeley residents have a long history of volunteering and assisting our numerous events, non-profit organizations, boards and commissions, schools, and passions that make a difference. The hours that volunteers provide across Greeley can add up to big change for groups and organizations that don’t have the monetary means to do some of their work. In 2021, volunteer Board and Commission members for the City of Greeley provided over 3,128 volunteer hours, working an average of 1.5 hours per month. Their priceless contributions to the community have not gone unnoticed and ensure that Greeley continues to thrive.

Volunteers can benefit from volunteering, too. Finding the right volunteer opportunity helps residents make new friends, connect with the community, learn new skills, and even open the doors to new careers. Research has also shown that volunteering reduces stress, combats depression, and provides a sense of purpose. Considering all these benefits, it makes sense why so many residents in Greeley take part in volunteering each and every day across the community.

National Volunteer Week is April 17-24 and first began in Canada in 1943, growing to include many countries, celebrating any and all volunteer efforts. President Nixon first proclaimed National Volunteer Week in the United States in 1974. President George H.W. Bush then started the Points of Light movement, serving more than 250 cities across 37 countries around the world. After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, President George W. Bush began the President’s Volunteer Service Award given to Americans who have completed 500+ hours of volunteer service for adults. In 2021, six residents volunteering at the Union Colony Civic Center and Greeley museums received the President’s Service Award with nearly 1,300 hours given. This example is a small but mighty testament to Greeley’s ongoing civic pride and willingness to give back to the community.

So, what does it take to become a volunteer? Exceptional intelligence? An infinite amount of time? Though each of these points has its merits, becoming a volunteer is very simple. It simply takes, you. Giving in even simple ways can help those in need but sometimes it can be difficult to figure out where to start. Nationally, 44% of people are unsure how to get involved or where to find opportunities to volunteer. At the same time, 87% of people are willing to make time for a worthwhile volunteer opportunity.

Greeley is filled with helping hands who are already making a positive impact to our community. For those who are unsure about where to start, you are in luck. Greeley offers numerous opportunities to volunteer and become a changemaker in the community. Finding your next volunteer passion could be just a click away.

City of Greeley Volunteer Opportunities

Greeley Community and Organization Volunteer Opportunities

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