The Milken Institute’s 2021 Best-Performing Cities report was recently released. Greeley ranked 43rd out of 400 cities nationally. Greeley was also in the top 50 in last year’s list. The 2021 version of the Index emphasizes jobs, wages, high-tech growth, housing affordability, and household broadband access. In the area of job growth, Greeley ranked 5th nationally.

Greeley has recently ranked on other national lists:

  • On Wallet Hub’s Fastest-Growing Cities in the Nation List, Greeley ranks 48th overall. The city ranked 6th in the area of job growth.
  • Heartland Forward named Greeley 8th Most Dynamic Metropolitans.
  • Greeley has been ranked #1 on’s “Best Cities for Pets” list. The list analyzed the number of pet-friendly apartments, the average cost of veterinarian services, and the number of pet-related businesses and parks per capita.
  •’s “Best Places to Live in Colorado” list ranked Greeley fourth. It takes into account affordability, safety, the job market, educational attainment, and culture.

These lists are just one way to measure community success. Our people and personal experiences are what make this community so special, unique, and extraordinary.

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