We Are All Heroes on World Water Day

World Water Day is March 22. This year's theme focuses on the importance of having access to clean drinking water. City of Greeley employee Andrew Canchola is proud of the role he plays in delivering safe, reliable, and great-tasting water to approximately 107,000 people every day.

Andrew is one of six water treatment operators at the Bellvue Water Treatment Plant northwest of Fort Collins. The plant treats Greeley’s drinking water throughout the year. Andrew performs water quality testing to ensure state compliance and adjusts water flow rates to meet the city’s fluctuating demands.

Andrew recently shared his passion at the Mojave Water Agency’s annual summit in Victorville, California. He spoke to middle school and high school students who were there competing for scholarships. Andrew himself earned a scholarship there in 2018 with his essay about a 3-step process to take the “yuck” factor out of drinking recycled water.

Andrew encouraged the students to pursue careers in natural resources, which can include water, forestry, wildlife, and fire.

Andrew enjoys working with other water professionals at the Bellvue Water Treatment Plant.

“We have great source water from the mouth of the Poudre Canyon,” Andrew said about the Bellvue plant. “There is a sense of pride knowing that all of Greeley’s water being treated this winter comes through here.”

Thank you, Andrew for being one of Greeley’s everyday heroes.

City of Greeley employee Andrew Canchola, wearing a grey City of Greeley hoodie and matching baseball cap, stands in a lab testing multi-colored water samples in various tubes.