The Spencer Family: Hiking, Boating, and Being Together

Spencer Family: Hiking, Boating and Being Together

Jack and Frew Spencer have been in Greeley since 2020 but feel like they’ve been here their whole lives. “We both never really thought we would feel at home anywhere but Texas, but we feel at home here.”

They grew up in Texas and met in 2011 at the bar Lil’ Bit of Texas. Drew explains that Jack wasn’t a stranger and that he was one of the cousins of her coworkers and friends. “I was a high school dance teacher, and his cousin Jennifer was one of our administrators. Jennifer invited Jack to another mutual friend friend’s birthday party. It wasn’t a set up. When I talked to Jennifer the following Monday, I told her Jack asked me out on a date.” Jennifer responded, “Oh really, let me know how it goes.”

Obviously, the date went well. They dated for a while before getting married on November 9, 2019, at Montego Bay in Jamaica. Drew states, “It was perfect, no drama, no complaints, amazing food, fun, and people.”

The couple introduced a daughter, Ellison, in 2020. Now two, Ellison loves the outdoors, swimming, dancing, and books. Drew states she must be a reincarnation as “I swear that she came out of my belly with her head held up high. She started walking at ten months and has a great vocabulary for her young age. She is miss independent with the sweetest disposition.”

Drew moved here to join Jack in 2020 right before Ellison was born. The couple were long distance after Jack moved to Greeley for a job opportunity following the massive hail storms a few years back. Their move wasn’t easy, especially since they didn’t know many people in Greeley. They are very grateful for finding a community from Jack’s work and from Drew’s fitness groups. “They really helped my mental state, I was adjusting to a totally new life. New baby, new state, new career path, being a stay-at-home mom is very different from being a teacher. It was a huge adjustment.”

Before moving here Drew taught dance and was the drill director at a Texas high school, having her master's in special education. She is glad she has found her routine from the massive change she underwent becoming a stay-at-home mom. She attends Fit4Mom NOCO classes five times a week where she is also a part time instructor.

Meanwhile, Jack has worked in Construction for more than 15 years and has a great job at Soderburg Roofing and Contracting. They both love the company and how family oriented it is, that it makes them feel like family. Drew even said that the owner's wife Stefanie, was present in the hospital when Ellison was born.

Since they moved, they have a lot to love in Greeley. “We really appreciate how welcoming everyone is out here in Greeley. It feels like we have lived here for decades but it’s only been a few years. It’s mice to live in a place with a small-town feel.” Drew said.

When they aren't busy with daily activities, they love being outside. They love hiking and especially love boating on Horsetooth Reservoir. Their love for the water and outdoors has spread to their daughter. Thye also love traveling, ad plan on more often now COVID restrictions are lifting. “We love the beach, and loved Jamaica, we want to go back. WE have also taken fantastic trips elsewhere, like California when we drove from Napa down to Palm Desert and spent an entire day on the beach at Malibu. It was a ten-day trip and were all together. My husband proposed on that trip.” Drew claims. In the future they want to get an RV and travel the country, especially to Seattle and Oregon.

At home the couple works hard to provide good communication and build their future together. Drew says “My husband and I are actually very different in a lot of ways, but our core beliefs are the same. We ultimately just love to laugh together. We talk a lot about the future and where we see ourselves going and what we want to become together, I think that I still so in love after ten years together.”

The Spencer’s want to make sure they take time every day to say goodbye before anyone leaves the home. “We really take it to heart that we should show love before leaving the house. Too many people say they wish they left things better with a loved one before they lost them. My husband's father passed away in a car crash when he was two and that’s something that’s always resonated with us” Drew said.