The Kuskie Family Celebrates Community

The Kuskie Family Celebrates Community   Chad and Debbie Kuskie, along with their three daughters Nakaiya, 18, Jayden, 16, and Alexis, 13, and their 14-year-old rescue cat Gracie Lou, have called Greeley home since August 2015. Chad is originally from Sterling, while Debbie hails from Decatur, Illinois. In a twist of fate, the two met while living in Northern Colorado before moving to Greeley together, and they were married in 2016 at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, and they have been an inseparable team ever since. Chad and Debbie are avid sports fans and while they follow the typical Colorado Sports teams such as the Broncos and the Buffs, they love the local baseball team most of all. The family attends Rockies games at Coors field as much as possible to root for the home team. Although they enjoy all the games, they try to make a special trip whenever the St. Louis Cardinals are in town as that’s Debbie’s favorite team from childhood. But there are some sporting events that are even more special to them: the game their daughters play. 18-year-old Nakaiya is a forward on the women’s college basketball team for Doanne University in Nebraska, where she is majoring in psychology. 16-year-old Jayden plays varsity tennis for her high school, while 13-year-old Alexis is pursuing her passion playing club volleyball for the first season this year. Of course, their parents do their best to attend every game, and they recently made the trip to see Nakayia's first college game this fall. The family has other interests, of course. Chad is an avid golfer and can often be found on the greens in Greeley and occasionally, in the Denver Metro area. At home, the family recently transitioned their yard to sustainable landscaping after getting inspiration from Chad’s job working for Swift Communications. The Kuskies are very competitive and regularly play card games, board games, and even pick-up basketball games, which, they say can become an intense game very quickly. Additionally, the family loves to attend all the live events they can! Recently they had the chance to see the Zach Brown Band at Fiddlers Green, and they have tickets for a comedy show at the Lincoln Center. “We would rather spend our time and efforts doing things we can do together or with friends instead of buying presents,” Debbie says. “Almost all of our best memories would include any chance we have to get out and do things.” They're currently planning a trip to Europe and hope to catch the NCAA Final Four in the future, something Debbie describes as being something on their bucket list. And of course, they're always up for the chance to hear live music, something that’s easy to find in Greeley. When she’s not at Coors Field, Debbie works as a literacy teacher in Northern Colorado. She’s been an educator for 18 years now and it’s her passion. Working in a job that she adores; Debbie is always pursuing ways to improve her teaching skills and she just graduated with a Masters in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education from University of Colorado at Denver this past December. Closer to home, the Kuskies love to take walks around their neighborhood. This according to Debbie is one of the highlights of her day. “I really enjoy the welcoming nature of my community. As a Midwesterner at heart I wave, smile and to talk to everyone I see as I take my daily walks and work in the yard.” Debbie shares. “Everyone has always been so welcoming and quick to stop and chat.” While they originally moved to Gateway Estates five years ago for the convenient location, The Kuskies say that their community has quickly come to mean so much more than them. Story Credit to Hannah Fields Photo credit Amber Sullivan Photography