How Bill Reeves Makes Gingerbread Magic at the Festival of Trees

"I'm Bill Reeves! Here at the Union College Civic Center, I'm the senior stage manager. For the past six years I've been involved in the gingerbread house exhibit, and it's part of the Festival of Trees.

"One thing I really enjoy about it is just figuring out what I want to make, how I'm going to put it together, how to design it. I start with looking at pictures of various buildings or whatever I feel like making the current year, then design it out on paper, write it out, draw it out.

"Then I do a cardboard model of it, which is an at-scale model. I use that model to cut out the gingerbread. Then I bake the gingerbread and cut out the pieces and then glue them together with what's called royal icing. Then I color it, do whatever else I want to do with it with the icing, put it on there.

"This year's design has about 12 pounds worth of combined flour and powdered sugar so there's a lot of commitment in this! It's a huge time commitment, but I thoroughly enjoy it. Hope you all can come down and see it!"