Stories Worth Sharing: The My Greeley Magazine

Since Greeley is a story best lived in, we gathered community stories, city amenities, things to do, and events into the first iteration of the My Greeley Magazine, a print publication that’s out now. Below we’ve outlined what you can find within the publication. Looking for more? Download and read a full digital version of the My Greeley Magazine.

Greeley By the Numbers

Ever wonder how Greeley ranks compared to other cities? Learn all the stats and facts of our wondrous city.

A preview of “Greeley by the Numbers” in the 2023 My Greeley Magazine


We’re highlighting historical figures, influential women, and sports stars in this issue. Flip through to read the stories of Rattlesnake Kate, Rhonda Solis, and Samantha Summers and Ryan Smyth.


Searching for an activity where you can learn something? Greeley has multiple educational hubs with exhibits and activities for everyone. Find out more about the Poudre Learning Center, Greeley History Museum, Centennial Village Museum, and Colorado Model Railroad Museum.

A preview of “Fun for All: Education Hubs” in the 2023 My Greeley Magazine

Arts & Culture

Greeley is an artist-friendly community with shops, centers, and services that cater to creators and makers of every type. Read more about the Clay Center, Creative District, Greeley Hat Works, Wonderhand Studios, and art galleries in Greeley.

Food & Drink

This issue of the My Greeley magazine highlights a sixth generation farming family with a community-minded mission and Greeley’s latest foodie program — Greeley Grub. Plus, find out how you can share your favorite spicy dish with us.


Whether you’re on the water, at the golf course or heading to an activity center, Greeley has you covered. Discover the best fishing, kayaking, and SUP’ing spots; find a facility to fit your needs and locate the best (traditional or disc) golf course nearest you.

A preview of “Where Off the Beaten Path is the Main Route” in the 2023 My Greeley Magazine

Outside & In Nature

Parks, playgrounds, and open spaces -— Greeley has all kinds of ways to get outside and enjoy mother nature. Whether you want a more challenging hike or a leisurely stroll, find your perfect path.


From the fares of a farmers’ market to trendy boutiques, Greeley meets your shopping needs. You may even find a “Greeley Original.”


You don’t have to search far to find the fun in Greeley. Axes at Hatchet House, arcades at Stella’s, board games at Boomer House, and a costume shop at The Nerd Store can all be found in the city.


With venues like UCCC, MOXI, UNC and the Kress, there’s always a show playing in Greeley. From theater performances to the latest bands and musical acts, our entertainment options are endless.


Winter, spring, summer, fall? No matter the time of year, in Greeley, Colorado, adventure is always in season. Greeley’s signature events and annual festivals are for everyone to enjoy.

To get the full story, download and read a full digital version of the My Greeley Magazine, or request a print copy by emailing [email protected]. It’s the perfect welcome guide for new residents, incoming college students, and visitors who want to learn more about things to do in Greeley.