Building Bridges and Bonds: How Community Collaboration Transforms Delta Park

Delta Park, nestled in the heart of East Greeley, is about to undergo a remarkable transformation that will change the lives of its residents. Thanks to a partnership between the City of Greeley and the Trust for Public Land (TPL), this uninspiring greenbelt is set to become a vibrant and culturally relevant recreational haven.

Community-Led Design

The journey began in 2021 when the City of Greeley and TPL joined hands to initiate a community-led design process for Delta Park. That process included extensive community outreach during numerous events in the park, with neighborhood schools, the Boys and Girls Club, and a resident group called the Coffee Chat group. Residents played a pivotal role in shaping the park’s master plan by voicing their needs and ensuring they were heard. Grants from the Colorado Health Foundation and Great Outdoors Colorado further fueled this collaborative effort.

A Generous Grant from Leprino Foods Company Foundation

In August 2023, Leprino Foods Company Foundation awarded the City of Greeley and TPL a generous $40,000 grant. The foundation, deeply committed to the communities where its employees live and work, recognized the significance of Delta Park’s renovation. These funds will be instrumental in bringing amenities like a new playground, splash pad, and shelter to life.

Emily Patterson from TPL expressed, “This type of support from a company like Leprino, where people who live around Delta Park are employed, is really meaningful because it shows a level of commitment to the community that will be profound once Delta Park is open.

“It gives everyone a place to play and connect outside.”

Leprino Foods employees will keep giving back to the Delta Park community through volunteer efforts such as park plantings, cleaning and beautification days, and special events.

The Heart of Community

Greeley’s Delta Park means more than just green space; it symbolizes community, belonging, and inclusion. With a population comprising Hispanic, Somali, and East African refugee communities, Delta Park is poised to bridge linguistic and cultural divides, becoming a place where everyone feels welcome.

The Delta Park Coffee Chat group helped to bring these varied cultures together, letting them learn from each other, share ideas and fears, and ensure that all are represented.

Gloria Galindo, a resident expert and leader of the group, shared, “They’ve been a tremendous help on everything and learned how to use their voice and advocate for their community. They know they are the voice for all the others.”

A Bright Future

Looking ahead, the finalization of the master plan and the impending groundbreaking in 2024 signal a bright future for Delta Park. With features like a playground, splash pad, gathering pavilions, gardens, and walking pathways, the renovated park will cater to nearly 3,000 residents of all ages and abilities. Outdoor programming will promote physical activity and community gatherings.

The transformation of Delta Park reflects the power of collaboration and community engagement. It’s a testament to what can be achieved when organizations like TPL, the City of Greeley, and the Leprino Food Company Foundation come together with a shared vision for a better, more vibrant future.

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