Over the last year, the landscape of the fitness industry has changed dramatically. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many gyms and recreation centers to shut their doors and dive into the online space. Greeley Recreation looked for ways to shift its programming in innovative ways. By moving a portion of their group fitness programs to virtual ones, they have continued to serve the community.

Katie Lundberg is a Recreation Coordinator with the City of Greeley. She manages fitness classes, including the virtual options. “I am passionate about improving the health and well-being of our Greeley community. For those who may not feel comfortable accessing our facilities, have faced financial burdens, or have adjusted to a work-from-home model, our virtual group fitness program has been an incredible resource,” she said.

Virtual fitness classes have been up and running for several weeks, and more than 150 households have participated. Katie is pleased with the results, “I strongly feel that our virtual fitness program has already been successful in engaging with us and work towards a healthy lifestyle.”

There are still opportunities to join these virtual fitness classes. “I encourage all residents to participate in this program to meet their health and fitness goals in the comfort of their homes, “Katie said.

Virtual fitness classes are free, but registration is required. Check out the class schedule for both virtual and in-person options and register for a class.

Residents Using Technology to Stay Fit
In addition to Greeley Recreation’s Virtual Fitness Program, residents have found new technologies to stay fit. Here are a few ways Greeley residents have used technology to boost fitness routines.

“I have a Fitbit and I wear it every day! Technology has served my household in maybe a unique way since COVID. We put a TV downstairs, so I can watch fitness classes and follow along. When my husband works out, he likes to watch TV!  Watching Cobra Kai helped him stay active all of January.” – Jovanna B.


“I’ve been able to stay active by following workouts on YouTube. I have a few workout channels I follow. I also use my Apple smartwatch, which reminds me of how active or inactive I am. It encourages me to do something. Sometimes it is a walk around my neighborhood, where we also have trails. During the summer, I ride my bike or walk the Sheep Draw Trail.” – Maribel T.


“I’ve had a smartwatch for over four years, and I use it diligently to meet my step goals and have just recently started using it for running. It keeps me on track all year.” – Catherine W.

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