History With All Five Senses

There’s something special about a place where visitors experience “history” with all five senses. Centennial Village Museum, a City of Greeley Museums’ site, provides this unique, immersive journey, as described by “NOCO Style” in a recent online editorial. Arriving at the museum, visitors step into scenes from the past, feeling waves of heat from a blacksmith’s fire, hearing the “thunk, thunk” of chopping wood at the woodcarving demonstration, and smelling the gun powder from the Buffalo Soldier reenactors’ battle scene.

“All senses are engaged strolling through Centennial Village Museum, where the past comes alive in a moving account of this land’s colorful history; a history marked by immigration, hardship, family and farming, always farming, ” writes Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer in NOCO Style.

Living history experiences, like the ones provided at Centennial Village Museum, bring life to the historical accounts. Children play historic games, families stroll through the historic town square, and community members step inside historic buildings, some grand and some the homes of migrant workers seeking better lives.

“As an “ambassador of the past” the museum welcomes all ages to wander the grounds during the summer months. Home to everything from historic homes to a white-steepled church, it’s impossible not to learn something while exploring here.”

Whether you come for the fun activities, beautiful grounds, or historic significance, you will certainly leave with an education. Plan your visit to Centennial Village Museum during its summer season.

Check out the full article at NOCO Style’s website.

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