If you’ve been around a bit, chances are you remember Greeley Unexpected, a six-year promotional campaign designed to challenge deeply held perceptions about our community. We discovered a lot about who we are – and how each of us has our own ideas about what makes this community so amazing.

Which, in an indirect way, is what brought us to myGreeley: the realization that each of us has our own reasons for why we call this place home. For some, it’s the small-town vibe with big-city amenities. For others, it’s the astonishing cultural diversity. And for still others, it’s the near-limitless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Whatever brought you here – and whatever keeps you here – there’s really no wrong answer. That’s what we want to celebrate with myGreeley. This is a special place. And the more we know about it, the more special it seems to get.

Here’s the thing, though: Because this new campaign is about you (well…all of us, really), we encourage you to participate. This year, we’re focusing on lifelong learning, and we’d love to hear about the things you’ve learned here in Greeley – whether it’s a third-grade teacher who opened your eyes to the region’s astonishing natural beauty or the first time you tasted a locally grown roasted chili at the farmers market. Be sure to take a minute to let us know.

Meanwhile, over the next several months, we’re going to introduce you to some folks who epitomize the campaign theme for 2020: “You Can Learn It Here.” So stay tuned. You may even learn something yourself.