Greeley’s Uptown Trees Project Plants Art Around Town

Drive down 8th Ave., and you’ll undoubtedly see a variety of sculpture “trees” lining the street. These fantastical, imaginative designs all start with a trunk and a planter. But beyond that, each “tree” is as unique as the artists who designed them.

What was the inspiration for Greeley’s Uptown Tree project? The Port of San Diego’s “Urban Tree” program.

Kim Snyder, Greeley’s public art coordinator, saw San Diego’s display of rotating artwork while at a public art convention. She discussed the possibility of Greeley starting a similar effort and received San Diego city officials’ blessing. Working with Greeley’s streets department during 8th Ave. renovations, Snyder coordinated the placement of 10 “trees” in the corridor its first year.

Since 2014, the city has “planted” 31 beautiful, sculpted trees along the busy corridor linking downtown Greeley and the University of Northern Colorado. This July, two new installations joined the Uptown Trees grove: “Woven Nature” by Kiki Goti and “Hues of Colorado” by Ana Marie Botero and Juan Bothe-Botero.

Check out the full catalog of “Uptown Trees” in the public art catalog.