Music, food, family fun: How two notable Greeley festivals give back

The savory-sweet smell of fried food from the local vendors. The blinking bright stage lights. The roar of raucous cheers in and around the arena. It can only mean one thing in our corner of Northern Colorado. It’s June, and it’s time for two of the city’s most popular festivals: the Greeley Blues Jam and the Greeley Stampede.

While the festivals are totally different experiences, both are quintessential Greeley and come packed with amazing live music, food, and fun for every age. But even better? The wildly popular events are also gift-givers—gifts as in community donations and support. Not only do the Stampede and the Blues Jam provide top-tier entertainment, but they also are helping Greeley’s local community thrive through their philanthropic arms.

The Greeley Stampede Foundation

According to the Greeley Stampede, in the last five years, the Stampede has donated more than $450k to community organizations that volunteer during the event. Since the beginning of the program, the Stampede has raised more than $655k for the Stampede Foundation to support education through scholarships in Northern Colorado. Since 2010, it has invested more than $2 million in Island Grove Park improvements and is projected to invest another $2.8 million in 2022.

More than just a rodeo or a music festival, the Greeley Stampede cares about strengthening the community that has helped it thrive for 100 years.

Inside the Greeley Blues Jam

Meanwhile, chair of the Greeley Blues Jam Pam Bricker points out that giving back to the community is at the heart and soul of the annual festival, which made its debut 17 years ago. The festival provides thousands of dollars each year to worthy local organizations, many that partner with the United Way of Weld County. Funds are donated by way of guitar raffles, beer tasting events, tips from the VIP tent, as well as proceeds from ticket sales.

“As a 501(c)(3) ourselves, we seek to share our profits with other nonprofits doing great work for the City of Greeley,” says Bricker.

With this kind of impact from two perennial favorites, you can feel proud knowing that by attending these events you are supporting and giving back to the community too.

So, the next time you are moving to the incredible live music, cheering on the rodeo, or simply sipping your favorite beer, remember it’s so much more than a good time; it’s immersing yourself in the soul of our city.

The Greeley Blues Jam is June 4th, but you can kick off the fun the night before at Friday Fest downtown. The Greeley Stampede runs June 23-July 4 and features music, the rodeo, competitions, and parades downtown. Find more information on the My Greeley events calendar.

Tell Your Greeley Story

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