Every year, BestCities.org researches and compiles a list of the best cities in America, and for 2020, Greeley, Colorado ranked 76th, making it one of the top-100 small cities in the country! The list, created by Resonance Consultancy, ranks cities by using a combination of statistics and evaluations in 23 areas grouped into six core categories. (Place, People, Programming, Product, Prosperity, and Promotion.)

Here is what they had to say about Greeley:

Here’s a city that has always planned for the future. The city’s namesake, Horace Greeley, editor and founder of the New York Tribune supported women’s rights and opposed slavery. It’s said he only ever visited the northern Colorado area once, in 1870. With agricultural roots that led it to being one of the first planned communities in the nation, the city acquired an early reputation for meat-packing; major industries today include health care and education. Nestled northeast of Denver by about 50 miles where the South Platte and Cache La Poudre rivers meet, the home of the University of Northern Colorado ranked #13 for Household Income (median $55,007), contributing to its #31 spot overall in our Prosperity category. It also performed well in our Place category, at #42 with a relatively low crime rate (#77) and dry climate (#17 for Weather). The master-planned City Center (a certified Colorado Creative District) is taking shape; a $43.2-million, 264-unit multi-housing structure called Ten West is due for completion in 2021 and touts access to more than 7,100 employers within a 20-minute drive.

While we know that Greeley is a place where there is, quite literally, something for everyone, it always exciting to see rankings and recognitions like this on a national scale to help shine a light on our truly unique community.

Here is your mission: Let’s all take a few minutes and celebrate this ranking by showing the internet with the things that we love about Greeley. Jump on your favorite social media platform and share something you love about this city. Share a photo of your favorite place to relax, your favorite piece of public art, your favorite local craft brew. Post a positive review about a restaurant or store you love or share a story about a community member that made your day. Share…whatever you want!

(And, of course, we would LOVE for you to share your #myGreeley story with us too.)

Cheers to living on one of America’s 100 Best Small Cities!

You can see the full list at BestCities.org, or you can download the full report here. Fort Collins (#22) and Boulder (#6) were the only other Colorado cities to make the top-100 small cities list. The top ten included:


  1. Reno, Nevada
  2. Naples, Florida
  3. Sante Fe, New Mexico
  4. Savannah, Georgia
  5. Ashville, North Carolina
  6. Anchorage, Alaska
  7. Boulder, Colorado
  8. Trenton, New Jersey
  9. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  10. Ann Arbor, Michigan