Greeley’s Fire Station #6 New Sculpture “Call to Action”

Artist James Lynxwiler created a spectacular public art installation for Greeley’s Fire Station #6, titled “Call to Action.” The piece is a life-size sculpture of a firefighter in motion, cast in bronze, and portraying a realistic image of today’s firefighters. Created as a tribute to the fire service, the sculpture demonstrates courage and dedication to duty.

“I consider it a privilege to combine my two greatest passions into one unique project,” said Lynxwiler. “It allows me to give something of myself to the fire service and the community at large.”

The artist intended the piece to convey a realistic image of today’s Greeley fire service, and it utilizes current tools and personal protective equipment. The landmark acts as a 3D “snapshot” of the current era of firefighters for future generations.

Make sure to visit the new sculpture at 10603 W 20th Street.